Permanent magnet motor is powerful, compact and efficient

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SyMAX IHP (integral horsepower) is a permanent magnet AC motor range whose radial flux design delivers high torque, high efficiency and increased power density compared with conventional induction motors. It is a sister product to the SyMAX FHP (fractional horsepower) motor range and available direct from Regal.

SyMAX IHP meets IE4 efficiencies with15 per cent fewer losses than the equivalent NEMA Premium motor. It is lighter than a typical induction motor and features a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) construction with shielded bearings and shaft seal.

Another feature is the patented MAX GUARD insulation system which combines corona-resistant magnet wire and a low-stress winding configuration to ensure dependable motor life even in the most demanding applications. The motor’s IP55-rated enclosure also makes it suitable for applications that require a high degree of protection against the entry of dust, water and other contaminants.

A very high torque-to-inertia ratio ensures a higher dynamic response, resulting in consistent and repeatable machine performance. In fact, its output power is such that in many cases a direct drive configuration is possible, eliminating mechanical driveline components such as gears and belts.

The rare earth magnets not only enhance power but also allow for significant energy savings, making the SyMAX IHP motor suitable for commercial and industrial machinery, pumping, air movement and many other applications. The envelope of the IHP is configured to provide a drop-in replacement for an equivalent induction motor.

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17 April 2013

Rotor (UK) Ltd (Regal Beloit)visit website
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