Low-cost microstepping drive has high performance

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Low-cost microstepping drive has high performance Mclennan is introducing the low-cost AMP STR2M two-axis microstepping drive for use with pulse-and-direction or CW/CCW pulse control. Exclusive to Mclennan in the UK, the Applied Motion Products (AMP) STR2M has simple dip-switch parameter set-up and many features found on much more expensive drives. These include a load inertia-matched anti-resonance facility for optimal dynamic performance, and automatic idle-current reduction for increased efficiency through motor heat reduction.

Along with 5–24V DC opto-isolated I/O for pulse, enable and fault, the drive also includes microstep emulation that provides smooth microstepping motion from low pulse/rev frequency input; and its digital filter prevents position errors arising from command signal electrical noise. With volume pricing set at competitive rates, the drive will suit machine builders and OEMs looking to automate simple processes using PLCs, PACs or pulse-generating motion controls - with smooth and precise open-loop motion.

The STR2M has user-selectable motor current from 0.25-2.2A/phase from a 12-48V DC externally supplied power source, enabling typical use with four- and eight-lead stepper motors from NEMA size 17 to 23 with an upper stall torque capability of around 1.3Nm for a three-stack size 23 motor. Sixteen switch-selectable resolutions enable microstepping from 200 to 25,600 steps/rev.

For drive commissioning, a simple self-test switch sets the motor in a forward/reverse mode while status LEDs display faults for motor connection, temperature, current and voltage, which trigger the fault output and shut down the drive. The drive is also protected for over- and under-voltage as well as motor/wiring short circuits. For applications where rapid start-stop is anticipated, a separate regeneration clamp is available. Measuring 56x93x21mm and with screw terminal connectors, the compact stepper drive is easily installed.

As AMP's exclusive distributor for the UK, Mclennan supplies the company's complete range of servo and stepper motion components, including the STM23 series stepper motors with integrated drives and intelligent controllers which are now available with Ethernet communications.

Follow the link for more information about the AMP STR2M two-axis microstepping drive and other stepper motor drive and control modules.

18 April 2013

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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