Modular embedded systems bridge the gap between 19” and COM

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Modular embedded systems bridge the gap between 19” and COMPentair Equipment Protection has bridged the gap between the classic 19” embedded system and the small form-factor solution with the introduction of a new family of small form-factor modular systems.

Based either on a 1U high, 250mm wide AdvancedMC chassis or a small, compact Schroff subrack that is 3U high, 205mm deep and just 28 HP wide, these flexible systems can be configured from standard parts to customer specifications and, for very specific customer requirements, can be specially adapted via simple modifications. The dimensions of both chassis types can be easily adapted to accommodate both the AMC form factor and the euroboard format, allowing system integrators to create a platform on which technology-independent standard systems can be built, including VMEbus, VPX, CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial.

One of the first products in this small form-factor modular systems family has been developed from a Schroff multipacPRO chassis; this 2-slot AMC system can accommodates one or two single full-size or one or two mid-size modules. A fan unit, comprising four fans and an air filter, is fitted to the right of the modules to provide uniform ventilation. At the rear, an open-frame PSU with 120W capacity is installed, to provide up to 50W per module. Small depressions in the base and cover plates allow these systems to be stackable, and self-clinching nuts enable the systems to be fixed to a mounting plate.

The second standard product in this family is based on a Schroff subrack that is just 28HP wide; it comes equipped with a suitable backplane, PSU and a fan unit flange-mounted from below. Power supply units are provided with the appropriate output voltages for the various bus systems used. All the PSUs used in this product family are available with either AC or DC input, thus extending the range for use in industrial applications, as well as for use in vehicles.

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