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Parker launches PNEUDRI MX upgrade packagesThe latest compressed air treatment offering from Parker domnick hunter promises to extend the life of existing plant equipment, providing significant energy savings and more compressed air for applications. Parker domnick hunter recently showcased its new PNEUDRI MX upgrade packages at the Hannover Messe International exhibition in Germany. At the heart of any compressed air treatment system is the dryer; its purpose is to remove water vapour, stop condensation, corrosion and in the case of adsorption dryers, inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. Once installed, traditional compressed air dryers are not upgradable and as technology advances, they get left behind.

Parker domnick hunter’s PNEUDRI MX range of heatless adsorption dryers is a modular drying system that can not only be expanded as compressed air demands increase, but now they can also be upgraded to ensure low energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Parker domnick hunter upgrade system, known as the PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE, aims to extend the life of the customers’ existing capital equipment, lower operating costs and provide more compressed air for their applications. PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE is also available as a factory fit option for new dryers.

Peter Fearon, Product Manager from Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Limited, domnick hunter Filtration and Separation Division, explains: “PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE is one of four new upgrades available for the popular PNEUDRI MX modular drying system. The first is OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE Filter Elements. This allows the user to change the elements in existing OIL-Xplus filter housings with the new pleated OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE elements and will ensure a lower cost of ownership, 49 per cent energy savings and guaranteed continuous air quality.

“The second is a step up from OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE and is called OIL-X EVOLUTION. This filter range will help customers meet the latest ISO8573-1 air quality specifications and provides even greater energy savings than those available with OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE.

“The third upgrade is a dryer Energy Management System which helps customers to better manage energy optimisation and can save the user up to 66 per cent in energy.

“The fourth and final is the ultimate upgrade option. PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE provides 17 per cent more air for applications, is on average 60 per cent more energy efficient than its heatless equivalent and 39 per cent more energy efficient than its heat regenerative equivalent. Also included as standard is the dryer energy management system to further increase energy savings.”

For more information on the PNEUDRI MX upgrade packages, visit or contact your local Parker outlet.

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