igus e-spool eliminates the need for slip rings on cable drums

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igus e-spool eliminates the need for slip rings on cable drumsigus is launching the e-spool, which serves the same function as a cable drum but eliminates the need for a slip ring and the problems that can be associated with that type of connection. The new e-spool can be used to carry electrical cables (power and/or signals), pneumatic piping, hydraulic hoses or optical fibres.

A further advantage of the modular e-spool is that the energy chain takes the tensile loads, so there is no tensile stress applied to the cables, piping and hoses. The maximum cable diameter is 19mm, the maximum deployment and retraction speed is 1m/s, and extensions of up to 14m are possible. Compared with zig-zag systems, the e-spool requires much less space.

igus has developed the e-spool from its successful twisterband product, but the e-spool converts rotary motion of the storage 'drum' to a linear extension/retraction. Customers can chose from either a sprung rewind mechanism or a motor-driven system. If more cable is required than can be accommodated by a single e-spool, then two e-spools can be used in tandem.

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