Coolant level sensor is rugged, reliable and affordable

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Coolant level sensor is rugged, reliable and affordableGems Sensors & Controls is introducing the CAP-300 capacitive coolant level sensor, with free samples available for qualified OEMs.

Features of the CAP-300 include:

  • Durable sealed design (IP67, IP6K9K approved)
  • Developed for harsh coolant monitoring applications
  • Tolerant of coolant coating
  • Affordable for OEMs
  • Compact - just 51mm (2 inches) long

Gems Sensors & Controls says that the CAP-300 level sensor is one of its most durable and reliable point level sensors. Designed specifically to be compatible with coolants, the CAP-300 is suitable for OEMs building power generators, off-highway vehicles, and cell phone tower generators. It is compact, can be mounted in any position, requires almost no maintenance, tolerates being coated with coolant, and remains reliable even in standby mode. It can also be used with coolant temperatures of up to 125degC (257degF) and is sufficiently robust for use in challenging environments. Available with a variety of mounting styles and electrical connections, the CAP-300 is said to be an excellent choice for coolant monitoring.

Follow the link for more information about the CAP-300 capacitive coolant level sensor and to find out about free samples.

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