IP65-rated Integrated microstepping motor and intelligent drives

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IP65-rated Integrated microstepping motor and intelligent drivesMclennan is introducing a new range of IP65-rated integrated microstepping motors with intelligent drives from its USA distribution partner AMP (Applied Motion Products Inc.).

With holding torque up to 2.4Nm and current rating of 6A/phase the SWM24 is suitable for motion control in wet and dusty environments with the particular benefit of single motor+drive+control installation, saving wiring effort and installed costs over conventional microstepping motors with separate drives and motion controls. The new integrated motors are engineered with shaft and M12 connector seals that resist the ingress of water and dust in a compact NEMA 24 frame that is interface compatible with the popular NEMA 23 size, but its 15 per cent larger cross section delivers more torque to size.

For complete flexibility, five models are available with Ethernet or RS-232 communication; offering a choice of motion control that covers simple step and direction for position/velocity control, GUI-based standalone motion and I/O programming with program storage, or sophisticated Ethernet host control. In this mode, software applications can communicate with the SWM24 in distributed systems with real time, streaming SCL and Q commands over standard 100 megabit Ethernet cabling, with addressing and protocols. Allen Bradley ‘Logix’ and Ethernet/IP is also available. In addition, the RS-232 versions also support simple streaming commands.

All models include a 4000 count/rev incremental optical encoder that provides closed-loop features including stall detection, position verification, position maintenance and Applied Motion’s proprietary stall prevention algorithm that is available with Q controller versions. On the drive side, AMP’s auto tuned digital current control and high-resolution microstepping engine provides smooth and quiet motion, while an advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping ensures maximum torque utilisation, rapid acceleration, and fast settling times.

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29 May 2013

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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