New magnetostrictive measuring systems with IO-Link

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Position measuring systems from Balluff stand for the precise detection of measurement paths in large parts of the manufacturing and assembly industry. With the Micropulse BTL6 Profile PF IO-Link model, Balluff claims to be the first company worldwide to equip magnetostrictive position measuring systems with IO-Link.

All measured values and status data are sent digitally and via a simple, three-wire cable via IO-Link master to the control level. The contact-free transducers with intelligent communication interface are used preferably where comprehensive IO-Link designs are to simplify the configuration, accelerate the installation and reduce costs during wiring. Thanks to IO-Link, the end results are streamlined and productive manufacturing systems that permit automatic configuration during running operation and transparent diagnostics down to the process level.

PF magnetostrictive position measuring systems from Balluff are characterised by their flat construction and a robust, shock-, vibration- and soiling-insensitive design in enclosure rating IP 67. Thanks to multi-magnet technology, the contact-free transducers reliably detect the measurement position and ensure absolute and precise results. Measurement lengths from 50 to 4570mm can be realised; the position measuring systems tolerate a vertical and horizontal offset of the position encoder to the sensor profile of up to 15mm.

With its point-to-point connection under networks of any type, IO-Link establishes a high-performance communication channel in both directions. Against the background of increasing demand for IO-Link designs, Balluff has, with the Micropulse PF IO-Link, equipped another device from its product line with the intelligent interface. The contact-free position measurement technology communicates with a speed of 230kB, achieves a process data cycle of 1ms and offers a resolution of 1um. As a result, even fast movements can be reliably detected. Via M12 connectors with a standard sensor cable, the transducers are connected quickly and easily to the IO-Link master and integrated in the controller.

Due to the integrated information flow, all data can be stored centrally and consistently. With IO-Link, configuration in running operation, monitoring and diagnostics all the way down to the place of occurrence are possible. For further details about the Micropulse BTL6 Profile PF IO-Link from Balluff, please visit

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