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Health and safety flange sealant siliconesHenkel already has a wide choice of hazard label-free products, and now a new silicone gasketing range has been added to the list. The new Loctite Health and Safety Silicones are suitable for sealing all kinds of flanges on pressed, cast and plastic parts, in any combination. They are also highly effective, leak-free alternatives to pre-cut paper or cork gaskets.

These new Health and Safety silicones are chemically neutral and odour-free. Their formulation requires no hazard labelling or safety phrases and, importantly, this has been achieved without any compromise on performance. The range comprises three products that meet the needs of the majority of under-bonnet sealing tasks as well as a wide range of industrial applications. All are supplied in a ready-to-use, pressurised can with integrated nozzle for quick and easy application. No additional dispensing equipment is needed.

A rigid nozzle gives pinpoint control and the product flow is easily regulated without finger fatigue. The design of the 200ml aluminium dispenser ensures the product is completely used with no residual waste. And the silicone’s value-for-money credentials are further enhanced by its limited volume of liquid propellant; 90 per cent less than standard aerosols.

First of the three is Loctite SI 5980 Quick Gasket, a premium, high-performance black silicone. It is suitable for flanges that are in permanent contact with oil, for example, the oil pan, the differential housing cover and timing chain covers. This product is already approved and in use by OEMs.

Characterised by its very good long-term resistance to water and glycol, the new Loctite SI 5660 is a grey silicone. Typical applications for this product are sealing thermostats and water pumps. It provides very good adhesion on many substrates and its scope of application is also enhanced by oil resistance.

The copper-coloured Loctite SI 5990 is defined by its excellent temperature resistance; up to 350degC for temporary exposure. It is therefore a good choice for flanges in turbo charger housings, exhaust systems and for applications where resistance to water, glycol and oil is required.

In common with all Loctite silicones, these new additions provide outstanding long-term durability. They do not cause component corrosion, are very flexible and highly resistant to external stresses. In addition to the 200ml self-dispensing can, these Health and Safety silicones can also be supplied as a 40ml blister card, 100ml tube and 300ml cartridge.

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