Solid aluminium handwheels range from Elesa

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Solid aluminium handwheels range from ElesaElesa’s GN 923 range of solid aluminium handwheels suits spindles and controls on a wide range of industrial machines where a non-spoked design is required, perhaps for reasons of safety or aesthetics.

The GN 923-A version features a plain face with internally scalloped rear rim to aid manual grip – its companion GN 923-R includes a fixed but revolving handle for greater speed of operation and retains the internal finger scallops for delicacy of adjustment.

Fold-away handles for these handwheels come in the GN 923.3 where the handle is manually folded into a front recess; safety considerations are further addressed with the GN 923.7 featuring a spring-loaded handle, which after use automatically springs back into its recess, making this handwheel also suited to motor-driven spindles as may often be found on industrial packaging or print machinery, as well as precision optical equipment, latches, milling machines etc.

The finish of the GN 923 series of solid aluminium handwheels is in epoxy resin, either grey or black. Sizes are in 80mm up to 200m diameter to suit shafts of 10mm to 20mm diameter, and an appropriate DIN 6885/1 P9 keyway is provided. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at

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