Hirschmann Brand OBR40 optical bypass relay

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Belden Inc. is launching the new OBR40 optical bypass relay from its Hirschmann product range. Suitable for use even in harsh environmental conditions, this relay ensures that optical Ethernet networks, with either ring or line topologies, remain operational after power failures at one or more switches. An internal switch-over mechanism enables data communication to continue seamlessly between neighboring switches.

This mechanism even continues to operate when power is cut off to the bypass relay itself. Use of this relay serves to further enhance the availability of Ethernet networks. The relay can also be used to deactivate specific parts of a system, when maintenance work needs to be carried out on individual turbines of a wind farm, for example.

The bypass relay is connected to a switch’s optical uplink ports via two duplex I/O. These are available for three different fibre types (multi-mode 62.5/125um, multi-mode 50/125um, single-mode 9/125um). In the event of a power failure, the bypass function is activated and the affected switch is bridged. The bypass function can also be specifically activated via a control contact. The switching threshold is adjustable within a range of 1V to 32V by means of a DIL switch.

A switch-on delay (adjustable to up to 40s) ensures that the switches seamlessly rejoin the network after the problem has been eliminated or maintenance work has finished. This delay time permits the switch boot process to be completed, and any incoming data packets are therefore passed on immediately.

Further features of the bypass relay include an IP40 protection rating, an operating temperature range of -40degC to +70degC, and a redundant 24V DC power supply. The 115 × 61 × 113mm housing is made of metal and can be mounted on DIN rails. LEDs on the front panel indicate the status of the device and network.

The new OBR40 optical bypass relay from Belden’s Hirschmann product range makes Ethernet networks even more reliable. As Product Manager Rolf-Dieter Sommer says: “Even multiple failures are no longer a problem. With the exception of the directly affected applications, the network and most of the processes continue to be available.”

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