Smart evolution for ROBODRILL α-DiA series

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Smart evolution for ROBODRILL α-DiA seriesFANUC UK is announcing an evolution of its ROBODRILL vertical machining centre range focusing on features that reduce cycle times and improve surface finish and accuracy. The ROBODRILL α-DiA series now offers standard and high-power spindle versions, improved chip discharging, thermal displacement compensation and higher-resolution axis feed.

ROBODRILL’s new high-power version provides power levels expected from larger machines with a maximum spindle speed of up to 10,000rpm specified as 80Nm torque and 14kW. Acceleration and speed are also improved with a 26KW 24,000rpm spindle speed, more than double the speed of the standard version.

Higher precision can be expected with the new α-DiA series which now incorporates FANUC’s patented Servo HRV Control and AI Thermal Displacement Compensation. FANUC Servo HRV Control uses high-resolution encoders and spindle control to resolve to nano levels, resulting in higher surface quality and improved concentricity. Using AI Thermal Displacement Compensation, Thermal growth, that can effect dimensional accuracy, is compensated in real time by monitoring the operational status of the spindle and estimating elongation along each axis.

Designed for 24/7 high duty cycles, ROBODRILL has highly efficient chip discharging; the new α-DiA series now has wall coolant option added to prevent chips adhering to the enclosure. Flood coolant has been enhanced together with the splash guard which has been redesigned to reduce chip accumulation.

Three machine sizes are available in the ROBODRILL range defined by the size of the x-axis stroke (work table length) and tool turrets are available as 14 and 21 stations. The all-electric design and zero hydraulics of ROBODRILL support its reputation for high reliability – worldwide over 60,000 machines are installed.

Using FANUC’s advanced CNC control platform, ROBODRILL’s 31 i-B control system helps to shorten cycle times by achieving both high speed and high precision through accurate control of acceleration of the spindle motor.

Further reducing cycle times is FANUC’s DDR 4th axis rotary table. The DDR is a direct drive zero backlash linear motor that eliminates waiting time for table positioning. A DDR-T option is available which combines a tailstock for fast turnover positioning requirements.

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