Entry-level version of STM series frame stepper motors

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Entry-level version of STM series frame stepper motorsAMP Inc., represented exclusively by Mclennan Servo Supplies, is launching a new low-cost version of its STM series NEMA 17 and 23 frame stepper motors with integrally mounted microstepping drive and control. The new STM-R strips down the choice of control options available through the range to offer only step and direction or cw/ccw pulse control modes. Offering value for OEM applications, the units are designed for use with an external controller that would typically provide one of these types of step/pulse signals.

STM-R integrated steppers include three digital inputs that accept pulse/direction and enable/disable motor power signals at 5–24V DC. A single digital output is included for drive and motor fault. The drive uses the same sophisticated current control, anti-resonance, torque ripple smoothing and microstep emulation that is found throughout the STM series. Users requiring stall detection or position verification can choose an optional 4000 count/rev encoder option to use in conjunction with their own controller to monitor encoder position whilst commanding motor position.

The STM-R 17-frame size motor boasts a 2A per phase current capability whilst the 23-frame, available in two stack lengths, has a 5A per phase peak. The STM-R is designed for operation between 12–48V DC for the 17-frame motor, and 12–70V DC for the 23-frame version. The maximum holding torque spans 50–150Ncm through the range.

AMP’s full range of STM integrated motors with integrated drive and controls combine all motor and electronics components into a single device offering a space-saving design that reduces wiring and saves on cost over separate motor and drives. Control options include the STM-Q controller version that uses AMP’s high-level Q programming language to write sequences of complex multi-tasked motion and machine control with full electronic gearbox, maths and registration functions. Other control options include CANopen as well as Ethernet/IP versions.

Mclennan fully supports the complete AMP range which also extends to servo motors with drives and motion controls that may be freely mixed with its stepper motor products for cost-competitive motion systems for a range of machine building applications. For further details about the STM-R integrated steppers please visit

29 August 2013

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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