Vision sensor and colour sensor combined in one device

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Vision sensor and colour sensor combined in one deviceSensoPart is promoting the VISOR Color object and colour vision sensor that was launched earlier this year. According to the company, this sensor is the first such device to combine object and colour detection - and therefore creates new opportunities for machine builders and system integrators.

The VISOR Color is said to fill the gap between standard, switching colour sensors and costly image processing systems. This enables the economical automation of visual inspections and the expansion of existing processes to include colour analysis, which offers the advantage of improved object detection.

Parameterisation options for colour analysis are extensive and enable high-performance and reliable detection even with slight differences in shade, or luminous components. Combining colour and object detection opens up a variety of applications involving the inspection and sorting of objects according to shape and colour, such as quality inspection of complex components in the automotive industry and in machine building (checking for complete assembly, position check, part differentiation/assignment/sorting) or the inspection of coloured LEDs and colour screens.

Instead of the monochrome image chip used by conventional vision sensors, the VISOR Color is equipped with a colour chip (WVGA or SXGA resolution); the high-resolution version of the vision colour sensor with 1.3 megapixels enables extremely precise analysis of image details as well as the assessment of larger sections. The sensor is available in versions with integrated optics and LED lighting, as well as versions with a C/CS mount.

Extensive logic functions enable the direct assignment of inspection results to one of six digital outputs; if necessary, an additional 32 signal outputs are possible with the I/O box, which is available as an accessory. VISOR Color is set up using the standardised VISOR interface that can be used to configure complex inspection tasks without detailed knowledge of image processing. The VISOR software package, included with the sensor, consists of configuration and viewer software with hierarchical user rights and integrated context-sensitive help.

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