Updated Parker PDQ software makes pump and fan control easier

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Updated Parker PDQ software makes pump and fan control easierParker is updating its Parker Drive Quick (PDQ) software platform for use with AC30V drives to include macros for the control of pumps and fans. The software now allows AC30V users to perform programming, monitoring and diagnostic functions, easily and quickly.

The AC30V drive has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of control for pumps and fans. This is now easier than ever to implement using the latest macro for Parker’s PDQ software. Among the new features for fan control include flow, pressure or temperature set point, PID control, belt breakage detection and time control. Similarly, new features for pumps include selectable units, protection for blockage, low and high flow, and application alarms and warnings.

Using the drive’s integrated Ethernet port, the software will automatically detect all the AC30V drives connected to the network, before a number of wizards guide users through every aspect of using the software.

For instance, set-up wizards can steer users through commissioning a new drive, or reconfiguring an existing drive. There are also wizards to help with everything from selecting a motor from the supplied database, or entering specific motor data, through to configuring macros or control logic to suit a specific application. Furthermore, tuning wizards allow technicians to monitor and adjust drive parameters in either a simple predefined environment or an advanced mode that allows access to every parameter in the drive.

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