Compact robots extend FANUC's LRMate line builder range

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Compact robots extend FANUC's LRMate line builder rangeFANUC’s LR Mate 200-iD robot range has two new additions: the 200iD/4S, suitable for integration into confined spaces, and the 200iD/7L for high-speed handling applications where extra reach is required.

Designed with compactness in mind for integration into special-purpose machinery, the LRMate 200iD already claims best in class foot print and lowest overall weight, but the 200iD/4S takes this a step further with a footprint of 160×160mm and weighing in at 20kg. Further space saving is achieved by reducing the maximum width of the arm down to 190mm and reducing the reach to 550mm while maintaining only a slightly reduced working envelope to the standard 200iD arm.

This results in a highly compact 4kg payload robot arm suitable for machine builders or integrators to facilitate into dense manufacturing automation environments. Its light weight makes positioning the arm in any position straightforward, and allows fast maintenance swap-out for systems where lengthy downtimes are not an option.

FANUC’s LRMate 200ID/7L has the standard 200iD range payload of 7kg but has a reach of 911mm, an additional 27 per cent. Increasing the scope of applications that can be undertaken the new arm is still capable of 181 picks of 25×300×25mm per minute. Maintaining the benefits of the LRMate 200iD range, in particular high-speed operation, compact design and IP 67 protection level, makes the 200iD/7L suitable for food sector applications such as conveyorised picking and packing.

Integrated signal cable and pneumatics are enclosed within the new robot arms, from base to forearm mounted connectors, helping to prevent snagging in confined cells and speed up programming. In addition to air, input/output connections and three double-acting solenoid valves the LRMate is now equipped with integrated sensor, Ethernet and auxiliary axis cables.

Both new robots are controlled by the new energy saving R-30iB controller, FANUC’s intelligent controller. Packed with smart features the R-30iB is compact and when used in multi-robot systems can be stacked to save valuable space. Features include iRVision, real-time interactive iPendant Touch, Learning Vibration Control (LVC) for path optimisation and auto motor braking for power saving.

Energy saving is high on the feature list of the new LRMate’s R-30iB controller, with improved energy efficiencies helping to contribute towards all important profit margins. Automatic motor braking, after exceeding a programmed idle period, allows motors to reduce power but still maintain arm position. Similarly cooling fans are stopped when not required and regeneration of power is enabled through an optional unit.

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