Packaged 80V DC drive is compact, powerful and versatile

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Stepper amplifiers WSE 04.80 V01 and WSE 08.80 V01 from Stogra are a micro-stepping bipolar chopper drive for 2-phases stepper motors, giving the maximum power integrated in a small housing. The compact metal housing fits into small switch cabinets available as DIN rail or panel-mounted versions.

Employing the FET-technology means low power dissipation, therefore no forced cooling is necessary. All connections are easy by front side screw terminals and spring terminals for all lines and signals There is a wide range of voltage supply from 20 to 80V DC and the phase currents are adjustable from 0.5 to 8A/phase via a 16 stage rotary switch.

There are 16 different step angles between 200 and 12,800 steps/rev selectable via DIP switches for optimal, smooth running of the motor. The step angle can be switched between two values via an external input even while the motor is running. The drives have electronic protection against short circuit (motor phases), over temperature (power amplifier) and under voltage. The ‘output ready’ signal is via a relay and input signals (pulse, direction, reset, boost, disable, change step angle) are optionally isolated by opto-couplers.

These packaged drives having 80V DC are highly suited to 23 frame motors. The optimal performance, however, for any stepper system is achieved with STÖGRA series SM 56, SM 87, SM 88 and SM 107 motors. Selection of step resolution can be selected via the switches 3 to 6 then via a digital input the step resolution can be switched externally between two values. During motion, switching the step resolution is possible within the motor start-stop-frequency or at any frequency when changing the pulse frequency and step resolution simultaneously.

Micromech is Stogra’s UK distributor for stepper motors, drives and controls products. If you want to know more about these products then email , or visit the Micromech website.

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