GVM range of PMAC servomotors benefit mobile applications

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GVM range of PMAC servomotors benefit mobile applicationsParker is introducing its GVM range of Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) servomotors. This series has been designed purposely with mobile applications in mind. The torque density and speed capabilities of Parker PMAC servomotors combined with a voltage-matched inverter provide breakthrough performance in a variety of vehicle platforms, including large goods vehicles (LGVs), bus and coaches, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and watercraft.

High efficiency is one of the principal benefits of the new GVM series. Offering high power densities and compactness, the motors offer continuous power up to 167kW, peak torque up to 710Nm, and 8000rpm maximum rotation speed – all with low inertia and high dynamics.

Flexibility is another feature of the range. A kit version is available for easy integration into any existing customer circular housing. Both liquid cooling or natural convection is possible, and the motor is available with different mechanical interfaces to match the application requirements: as SAE A/B/BB/C for pump interfaces.

The 210mm version is available now, with a smaller model available early in 2014. In total, the GVM range yields 24+ standard configurations and is available as a kit or a complete motor. Furthermore, custom options are available including bespoke mechanical design.

For mobile applications involving traction, implementation or auxiliaries, a strong and rugged design is essential. With this in mind, the Parker GVM range has been developed to be shock proof, vibration proof and salt spray resistant. Furthermore, there is a gore vent to avoid condensation in the event of sudden temperature variation or during storage at low temperatures.

Last but not least, the physical compactness of the new water-cooled PM motor technology from Parker offers additional benefits. For instance, not only is there a 94 per cent size reduction, but weight is reduced by 86 per cent (100kg versus 695kg) compared with an air-cooled induction motor of a similar power rating (data given for a power of 110kW). Along with a downsizing of the overall power system due to high efficiency, this is one of main contributors to reduced fuel consumption for customers.

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