Chainflex hybrid servo cable with bus element for energy chains

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Chainflex hybrid servo cable with bus element for energy chainsigus has developed a new robust and reliable, as well as cost-conscious, single cable for servo motors. With an integrated bus element, the chainflex CF270.UL.D hybrid servo cable will meet the increasing demand for single hybrid cable technology in the drive manufacturing industry.

Whereas in the past, servo motors and converters were generally connected with two cables – one servo cable for the motor’s energy supply and an encoder cable for data feedback – more and more drive manufacturers are now offering servo motors with single-cable technology. This means that energy supply as well as data feedback are operated by a single cable, with complex measuring system cables being replaced by bus technology.

Justin Leonard, director at igus, says: “The main advantage the igus chainflex CF270.UL.D hybrid servo technology has over ‘standard’ servo cabling is its space-saving function. In addition, the number of plugs and therefore the costs for additional material and installation are reduced. Also, thanks to its bending-resistant shield made of tinned copper wires with an optical covering of 80 per cent, the sensitive bus signal pairs are effectively protected from disturbances and overall electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the cable is ensured.”

Specifically designed by igus for use in energy chains, the hybrid servo cable is guaranteed for millions of cycles at a bend radius of just 10× cable diameter. UL, CSA and NFPA79.2012 certified, this innovative cable is oil resistant, flame retardant and halogen free. In addition, thanks to its Desina-conforming orange outer jacket, it is able to endure excessive load conditions, meeting the stringent requirements of machining centres and machine tools. These properties also make it suitable for conveyor technology, as well as in low-temperature applications.

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