Cylinder sensors from ifm electronic withstand weld fields

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Cylinder sensors from ifm electronic withstand weld fieldsifm electronic’s pneumatic cylinder sensing innovation can withstand the electrical interference from powerful welding fields. These new versions of the MK series, MK5214 and MK5215, feature a patented method of detecting the external field and suppressing the sensor output until the interference has passed. The new MK is claimed to be the only T-slot sensors with a stable signal, independent of the welding duration.

The MK series fit easily into the T-slot on standard pneumatic cylinders, or equally into adapters made to fit most other common cylinder types, and do not sit proud of the slot which affords them additional mechanical protection.

A PTFE sheath protects the short connecting cable of the weld-field-immune MK5124 and MK5125 from weld spatter, and the connector (M12 on the MK5124 and M8 on the MK5125) is coated in a highly resistant non-stick material.

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