New inclination sensors with high precision in two axes

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New inclination sensors with high precision in two axesifm electronic is launching the first models in a new range of high-precision sensors for reliable measurement of angles of inclination. The JN-series units feature high precision across the total angular range in two axes and a very low temperature drift of +/- 0.002K. Also, the JN type sensor for mobile applications features adjustable zero point, counting direction and limit frequency.

This product is designed for levelling of mobile machinery (2-axis position detection and zero-point levelling), automatic adjustment of solar panels or levelling of wind turbines, for example. Since zero point, direction of counting (+/- 180 degrees or 0…360 degrees) and limit frequency can be set for a stable output signal (20, 10, 5, 1, 0.5Hz), the sensor can be adapted precisely to different applications.

Two versions are available initially, with the JN2100 covering +/- 180 degrees with a resolution of 0.05 degrees, an accuracy of ≤ +/- 0.5 degrees and repeatability of ≤ +/- 0.1 degrees, while the JN2101 measures +/- 45 degrees with 0.01 degrees resolution, accuracy +/- 0.1 degrees and ≤ +/- 0.05 degrees repeatability.

Utilising the CANopen interface and bus capability the sensor can be integrated into CAN networks according to the communication profiles CANopen CiA DS-301 and CiA DSP-410. Connection is made using M12 connectors with clearly visible LEDs – enabling the terminating resistor is optional. In addition, the sensor has an E1 approval and provides the signals, among others, as perpendicular or Euler angle. The new inclination sensor guarantees reliability with precision.

The JN is built into a diecast housing capable of withstanding the rigours of the harshest environments over a temperature range -40 to 85degC and rated IP 65 / IP 68 / IP 69K.

Please go to for further information about the JN-series of sensors for measurement of angles of inclination.

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