Foxboro I/A Series pressure transmitters model IGP10S and IAP10S

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Foxboro I/A Series pressure transmitters model IGP10S and IAP10SInvensys is releasing its new Foxboro I/A Series IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters. The new intelligent, two-wire transmitters provide precise, reliable measurement of absolute or gauge pressure and transmit a 4 to 20mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

With their high level of performance and stability, the Foxboro I/A Series IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters provide multiple benefits. They can help reduce inventory costs with a wide range of applications that traditionally require multiple separate transmitters. They increase accuracy with their Foxboro-patented multiple calibration technology. And they enable customers to accurately track time in service, which can improve predictive maintenance.

Key features:

  • 400:1 turndown; during operation, a real-time, seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a per cent of reading from 3 to 100 per cent of the upper range limit
  • Foxboro patented multiple calibration technology
  • Time-in-Service features for advanced diagnostics
  • LCD indicator with on-board pushbuttons for easier configuration
  • 5-year standard warranty, with a 17-year warranty available

Key benefits:

  • Maintains excellent performance over a wide turndown range, meaning an IAP10S and IGP10S transmitter perform better than multiple separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range and reduce inventory
  • Foxboro-patented multiple calibration technology eliminates the need for traditional single-span calibration at an application-specific pressure range and can store multiple calibrated ranges in the onboard memory. Eleven preset calibration ranges cover the full pressure range of the transmitter
  • The Time-in-Service meter tracks both the total number of days the transmitter has been powered up in the field over its lifetime, as well as the number of days the transmitter has been powered up since the last Time-in-Service meter reset. This allows customers to better track reliability and gives them option of resetting the user-days value to zero via a HART communicator, a PC-based configurator or the local indicator. The lifetime service parameter cannot be reset.

For more information about the new Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters, please visit and download the IAP10S and IGP10S datasheet (pdf 1.9MB).

11 March 2014

Invensys Process Systems (IPS)visit website
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