Kollmorgen AKD Programmable servo drive from Micromech

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Micromech is promoting the Kollmorgen AKD Programmable Servo Drive. The AKD BASIC Programmable servo drive may be used in many applications without external control.

Benefits and features:

  • Customised functions implemented quickly
  • Less hardware, lower installation costs
  • Implementation without modifying the machine control
  • Simple, easy-to-learn programming in Basic

With AKD BASIC – High Flexibility for each Axis

  • Auto-Tuning allows easy fast commissioning
  • Intuitive programming in Basic
  • Free user-friendly development environment, WorkBench, program download and upload in one tool
  • Program password protection to ensure your intellectual property is protected
  • 20 digital inputs and outputs, I/O expansion
  • Program storage and parameter sets can be upload to SD card, therefore a PC is not required for commissioning

With the AKD BASIC you can realise motion and machine control directly on each axis without an external controller or PLC. The drive can be programmed independently to fulfil customer requirements quickly, safely and without the need for higher-level control systems. This shortens the testing phase and helps protect you from problems during commissioning.

The Basic programming language is easy and fast to learn – in just a short time it is possible to develop individual programs for machine interfacing and motion control functions. The Kollmorgen WorkBench provides a complete user interface for programming, configuration and optimisation, with drive management, motion and machine control interfacing functions. The Kollmorgen WorkBench development environment for AKD BASIC provides all the tools for software development, testing and debugging.

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