Miniature all-electric parallel gripper with ultra-fast response

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Miniature all-electric parallel gripper with ultra-fast responseSchunk claims that its new EGP size 25 mechatronic gripper is the smallest electric gripper with integrated electronics on the market, as well as having the best ratio of stroke to closing time.

With a maximum stroke of 3mm, it only takes 0.15 seconds for its parallel fingers to close, which helps machine builders to minimise cycle times. The tiny, power-dense gripper weighs 100g and has an adjustable gripping force of up to 40N. It is suitable for rapid handling of workpieces weighing up to 200g.

Provided with brushless DC servomotors that are wear-free and maintenance-free, as well as crossed-roller guide bearings, planetary gears, and a rack-and-pinion action, the EGP gripper guarantees high levels of efficiency and dynamic performance for demanding pick-and-place applications. As it is based on the platform of the tried and tested pneumatic Schunk MPG-plus gripper for small components, it comes with numerous additional advantages. For example, gripper end positions can be monitored using inductive proximity switches, or the Flexible Position Sensor system can be used to detect up to four gripper positions within the overall stroke length.

In many cases, users can transfer the sensor systems used in the Schunk MPG-plus to the Schunk EGP-Speed and easily convert existing systems from pneumatic to electrical operation. Control of the Schunk MPG-plus can be analogue, digital direct or via a sensor distributor.

In order to increase the dynamics and the energy efficiency of higher-level systems, the gripper housing is machined from aluminium alloy. In addition, the design is rigorous in eliminating superfluous materials, and the electronics are built into the interior to minimise space requirements. The new grippers are protected to IP30 and are excellent when used on their own or in combination with other products from the Schunk range of modular high-performance assembly components.

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