Industrial HiVision 5.1 can increase network availability

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Industrial HiVision 5.1 can increase network availabilityBelden Inc. is releasing the latest version of its Hirschmann network management software. Industrial HiVision 5.1 enables faster and easier configuration of firewalls and wireless devices from any manufacturer. With this software, industrial networks can be managed holistically, ultimately increasing the network’s availability.

The enhanced flexibility of Industrial HiVision 5.1 allows industrial manufacturers to:

  • Configure hundreds of devices simultaneously, even on a live network, which saves time and ensures a consistent network infrastructure. Using Belden’s MultiConfig parameters, firewalls with varying rules can be configured together, in addition to multiple wireless systems, such as those in Hirschmann’s BAT wireless family
  • Manage devices from different manufacturers in a single network application for maximum network visibility. Any network equipment following the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can be integrated, including Hirschmann- and Belden-branded routers, switches, racks, etc.

With quick and simple access to a visual of the network structure, companies can more easily configure and manage all of the components on their network. A look at the complete system, with constant oversight of the network’s status, enables network managers to quickly locate and resolve issues or faults. These cost-effective benefits require little effort by the network administrators, while reducing risk to the system.

Product Manager Mark Cooksley says: “We designed Industrial HiVision with automation engineers in mind, and look to them for feedback as we make continuous improvements to our network management software. Because industrial networks often consist of equipment from various manufacturers, Industrial HiVision 5.1 can incorporate and manage any products, even those from third parties. With faster, more flexible network configuration, and a holistic view of the network, overall availability of the network will improve.”

In addition to the increased functionality with Industrial HiVision, this new version offers greater support and improvements in its complementary modules, which include:

  • HiFusion: enables the integration of third-party or manufacturer-specific devices into the Industrial HiVision network management software
  • HiMobile: provides users with convenient access to system information on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, from almost anywhere. The application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone operation systems and allows remote network monitoring without the need for computer access

Click here to download a free, 1-month trial of the Industrial HiVision 5.1 software.

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