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Parker introduces new range of handling productsParker Hannifin is introducing an entirely new range of handling products for industrial automation applications. Complementing Parker’s existing range of pneumatic technologies, the pneumatic grippers, rotary actuators and slide table products can be deployed in varied applications across sectors such as machine tools, automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical and packaging to name but a few.

Optimised to deliver a competitive, high-quality and reliable option for product and work piece handling, customers can depend on the new range to deliver performance coupled with precision and repeatability, all from a single source supply.

The new range of grippers provides repeatable, reliable part holding with fast response times. The grippers provide a secure mounting point for adaptable fingers that can be designed to suit the shape or position of the work piece to be handled. With a range of mounting positions and features, the grippers are easy to install, compact/ robust in design and offer a variety of gripping forces. Available in a variety of angular and parallel versions the grippers provide clamping forces from 11 to 203N.

Designated as the P5SS, the new precision slide tables have been designed to be both compact and lightweight thanks in part to the twin pneumatic actuators. Available in six bore sizes 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm, the tables are simple and easy to install. They offer the possibility for different strokes up to 150mm and guarantee precision combined with rigidity. Mounting is by direct fixing with threaded holes and location dowel holes on the body, on the front plate and on the carriage. This allows flexibility, improved work piece mounting and repeatability. Flush mountable sensors in the recessed grooves on the body add mechanical protection and reduced installation time. Shock absorbers are available for applications requiring faster cycle times.

Parker’s new rotary tables are available in bore sizes of 16, 20, 25 and 32mm and can be mounted quickly and easily without the need for additional brackets. All variants have mounting holes on two faces to simplify installation. Rotation can be adjusted, and precise control even under heavy loads can be achieved. With specially designed load-fixing and centring capabilities, end-stroke cushioning is available using an adjustable bolt or adjustable shock absorber in the case of the largest sizes. This offers dependable linear cushioning, thus ensuring objects are carried and positioned safely/ securely. Two protected grooves are available on either side for sensor installation.

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