Capacitive measurement system with 10x higher resolution

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Capacitive measurement system with 10x higher resolutionMicro-Epsilon is introducing the DL6230 demodulator following the launch of its high-resolution capacitive measurement system, the capaNCDT 6200. The DL6230 demodulator offers up to ten times higher resolution and is able to synchronise measurements from multiple banks of controllers, giving users complete flexibility to mix-and-match controllers, demodulators and capacitive sensors to suit their application requirements.

In 2013, Micro-Epsilon launched the capaNCDT 6200, an integrated capacitive measurement system (controller) for use with its range of non-contact capacitive displacement and position sensors. The system provides a modular, extremely compact, expandable and cost-effective measurement system that is suitable for research and development, test, OEM and production environments, where either flexibility to expand the measurement system and/or high-precision measurement is key. The capaNCDT 6200 controller (oscillator) base unit can be expanded at any time to include up to four measurement channels. All capacitive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be connected to the capaNCDT 6200 and DL6220 with no further calibration required.

The capaNCDT 6200 can be expanded by simply adding a DL6220 demodulator, which provides an Ethernet interface that supports fast and easy configuration through a web browser, with no need to install additional software. Thanks to easy integration into the existing network, the Ethernet interface also maximises the accuracy of the measurement readings, as there is no signal noise or loss in the signal compared to analogue outputs, resulting in true nanometre resolutions.

Based on the same modular design principle, the new DL6230 demodulator can now also be added to the capaNCDT 6200 controller and/or DL 6220 demodulator as an expansion module. As well as an Ethernet interface, the DL6230 also provides an EtherCAT interface and, as well as synchronising the four measurement channels, it can now also synchronise multiple banks of controllers/demodulators.

Chris Jones, the Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: "The DL6230 demodulator has a number of impressive features. As well as providing an EtherCAT interface and ten times higher resolution than the DL6220, the DL6230 also enables users to synchronise measurements from multiple banks of controllers. By being able to mix and match controllers and demodulators, the user now has complete application flexibility. We have also increased the maximum cable length from 3m to 10m, providing even more flexibility."

As a multi-channel device with nanometre accuracy, the capaNCDT 6200 and DL6220/DL6230 demodulators can be used in a variety of non-contact displacement, position and distance measurement applications, including the measurement of thickness, tilt angle and vibration. The system provides simple, competitively priced and expandable measurement technology that does not compromise performance.

Follow the link for more information about the capaNCDT 6200 high-resolution capacitive measurement system.

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