Battery powered reference shaker is self-contained and portable

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Battery powered reference shaker is self-contained and portableNew from Kistler Instruments, the Type 8921B reference shaker is a compact, portable vibration exciter designed to calibrate the sensitivity of accelerometers in both laboratory and field environments. The rechargeable battery powered unit with automatic power-off is an easy to use method of verifying the sensitivity of accelerometers weighing up to 600g.

The new shaker provides an accurate, controlled vibration level to verify the sensitivity of accelerometers or a complete measuring system traceable to a national standard. The internal control and excitation system provides a constant, precise frequency whilst a closed-loop control maintains constant amplitude independent of the mass of the test article. Should the test article exceed the capacity of the shaker, the unit provides an audible and visual warning to the operator, and has sufficient power to test sensors from the smallest laboratory accelerometer to large industrial sensors.

In addition to confirming the sensitivity of accelerometers, the reference shaker provides a convenient and accurate means of testing the integrity of a vibration measurement system from end to end. The rugged design of the shaker ensures years of reliable operation in factory environments and in the laboratory. The self-contained, rechargeable battery can power the shaker for up to 5 hours and an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of continuous operation protects the battery from accidental discharge. Front panel indicators provide information about the sensor sensitivity and the condition of the internal battery.

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