USB DAQ devices feature advanced counter/timer functionality

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Measurement Computing Corporation is releasing two new high-speed USB counter/timer data acquisition devices available with four or eight counter I/Os. The USB-CTR Series, which are now available in the UK from Adept Scientific, feature high-speed pulse counting with a 48MHz maximum input frequency. Resolution is programmable up to 64bits per counter, with an aggregate scan rate of 8MB/sec.

These affordable new devices offer some of the most advanced counter/timer functionality available in USB DAQ today. Supported high-level input modes include totalise, period measurement, pulse-width measurement and timing measurement. Four independent PWM timer outputs and 8 digital I/O are also provided.

Timer output channels can operate continuously or for a specified pulse count, with duty cycle and period changeable on-the-fly. Counter and digital channels can also be scanned synchronously. Flexible edge, level, direction, and debounce filter settings allow the counters to better adapt to user signals.

Software options for the USB-CTR Series include comprehensive support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET, DASYLab and NI LabVIEW.

The USB-CTR series devices, along with a comprehensive range of data acquisition hardware and software, including the entire Measurement Computing catalogue, is available in the UK from Adept Scientific. Details and prices can be found at

16 June 2014

Adept Scientific (Alfasoft Ltd)visit website
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