General purpose industrial air pressure regulator series

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General purpose industrial air pressure regulator seriesMarsh Bellofram Corporation is launching its Type T60 air pressure regulators, which are are preset, fixed units for instrumentation and general purpose use. Test data for these regulators shows their excellent performance as compared with other industrial pressure regulators on the market. Their regulated pressure vs. flow metric, forward-to-reverse flow offset, supply pressure sensitivity, repeatability, and stability specifications are all described as exceeding typical industry performance.

Units are ruggedly designed with die-cast aluminium housings. The housings are also finished with a special scratch- and weather-resistant vinyl paint. Each air regulator is fully pressure and leak tested prior to factory shipment. Through a combination of careful design engineering and the incorporation of quality materials, Type T60 regulators offer trouble-free operation over an extended useful service life, even in the most difficult of industrial environments. A rubberised, soft-seat valve stem provides positive shut-off and ‘forgives’ dirt or other foreign matter. An aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs. The integral gauge port is also convenient for pressure gauge installation. The port can also be used as an additional full flow outlet. The Type T60 air regulator is offered with an easily removable self-cleaning nylon 40 micron mesh filter. When preset to 30 psig, these tamper resistant regulators also meet OSHA requirements for air supplied to handheld air guns.

All Marsh Bellofram industrial pressure regulators are 100 per cent made in the USA at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Newell, West Virginia. Each is rigorously tested for durability and performance prior to factory shipment. They are available to customers with ten-day standard lead times and are supported by a fully active global distribution network.

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