Encapsulated digital pressure transmitter no larger than a bee

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Encapsulated digital pressure transmitter no larger than a beeKeller is launching what it describes as the smallest fully functional digital combination transmitter for pressure and temperature currently on the market.

Measuring a mere 11mm in diameter, the housing contains the sensor technology, the (mathematical) compensation coefficients, the digital signal processing and − finally − the I2C interface for simple, loss-free integration into higher-level systems.

Made of stainless steel or Hastelloy and filled with silicone oil, the housing not only acts as a Faraday cage but also offers protection against electromagnetic radiation and other environmental influences. Thanks to the Chip-in-Oil technology developed by Keller, very short signal paths with exceptionally high impact and vibration resistance are realised.

Larger models are also available – click here to see the full range of digital combination transmitters and their specifications.

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