New from HMK – Neugart HLAE hygienic gearbox

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Neugart is launching the Neugart HLAE, a hygienic gearbox that meets and exceeds the environmental demands of the most arduous applications. The Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors have had their needs for high performance and reliability in a hygienic package go largely unfulfilled, but not for any longer.

The HLAE can be used in all areas where the CIP (cleaning in place) method is used. This means that the products must be resistant to frequent and intensive cleaning and disinfection cycles. At the same time, they must reliably counteract the growth of germs and formation of bacterial impurities caused by product remnants or liquid and condensate residues.

HMK’s Neugart HLAE hygienic gearbox is more than just a stainless steel gearbox, as it meets developments in the food and pharmaceutical sectors with regard to the optimised cleanability of components. Typical applications include Food & Beverage production & packaging and Pharmaceutical production & packaging, but the hygienic gearbox can also be used in the paper, offshore and textile industries.

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