New range of wired modems and routers from Amplicon

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Amplicon is launching a brand new product section on their website containing industrial-grade wired modems and routers. Providing many new additions to the Amplicon portfolio, these modems and routers support a wide range of data transmission technologies from broadband ADSL/VDSL to legacy 56k dial-up.

Manufacturers that can be found in the Amplicon portfolio of wired modems and routers include INSYS icom, Digi International and Moxa. Working with quality manufacturers has allowed Amplicon to supplement their ever-increasing product range of high-quality, high-reliability and industrial-grade data communication products.

Amplicon’s wired modems and routers product range includes products that are used for applications such as remote access, remote machine diagnosis, predictive maintenance, remote device alarm notification, SCADA applications, remote metering, accessing serial devices and SNMP management.

Industrial-grade modems and routers differ from their commercial counterparts with various features directed at network reliability and resilience. In the brand new Amplicon Wired Modems and Routers web section you will find products that are designed specifically for challenging environmental conditions with resilience to electromagnetic interference, shock, vibration and extreme ambient temperatures. You will also find redundancy features such as dual SIM card fail-over and even dual integrated modems for a backup WAN connection such as ADSL to 3G fall back.

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