Versatile RFID transponders for optimal performance

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Versatile RFID transponders for optimal performance Harting’s new Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) is an RFID transponder that combines robustness, a high protection class and resistance to the effects of high temperatures and chemicals and to achieve optimal performance in difficult environments.

Originally developed to meet the requirements of the aviation industry, the new transponder meets the regulatory requirements for operation in both the EU and the US/ASIA frequency bands (865–868MHz and 902–928MHz, respectively), and is therefore qualified for global use.

Harting’s new transponder is suited to on-site applications in maintenance, repair and operational scenarios in industrial environments. It also meets the increasing need in integrated industrial plants for RFID transponders that are capable of recording and storing extra information: for example, the documentation of the maintenance history of a safety-critical object.

The new unit measures only 41 × 11 × 5.15mm, incorporates a user memory of up to 3kbit capacity, and has a range of up to 5m when mounted on metal. It is EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compatible, and has an operating temperature range of -50degC to +160degC.

Please follow the link for further information about the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) RFID transponder from Harting.

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