MIL 10: Robust, non-contact distance measurement

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Baumer is presenting a new bearingless encoder for linear distance measurement. The MIL10 comprises a sensing head and an adhesive magnetic tape. The non-contact magnetic sensing method is wear free, and hence provides virtually unlimited service life.

Magnetic tape encoding is by poles of 2mm width. Signal processing integrated in the sensing head allows for resolutions up to 5um. The fully encapsulated magnetic sensor provides IP 66 and IP 67 as standard protection. Used in conjunction with a masking tape of stainless steel, the system is even up to demanding environments with a high degree of soiling by dust, chippings, splints or oil. Operating temperature may range from -40degC to +85degC.

Sized 10 × 15 × 45.5mm, the sensor is very compact. It withstands shocks and vibrations up to 500 30g respectively. The polyurethane cable capable of flexible carriers and frequently changing bending radii is shielded and twisted in pairs, and in conjunction with the sensor’s robust metal housing provides protection against electromagnetic interference.

The output frequency of max. 350kHz allows for travel speed up to 25m/s. MIL 10 is available with 5V DC supply and TTL / RS422 compliant line drivers and as a 10...30V DC variant with push-pull. Both output two inverted channels with 90 degree shift and generate an additional pole-periodic inverted index pulse.

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