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Belden Inc. is releasing the next generation of its GarrettCom industrial networking operating system and hardware design. The Magnum 10RX router and security appliance offers improved performance and security with excellent versatility by supporting a range of networking protocols, while offering advanced firewall protection.

For industrial settings where reliability, flexibility and secure systems are critical – particularly the power, transmission and distribution (PT&D), and transportation industries – the Magnum 10RX delivers a simplified system with performance and security in one product.

Joe Lee, product marketing manager at Belden’s GarrettCom brand, says: “Given the varying application scenarios in the industrial sector – like the number of connected networked devices, port type and power supply needs – we’ve made the Magnum 10RX completely customizable. Its features directly support the flexibility our customers are asking for. Now, they can select exactly what goes into the router in order to meet their individual network specifications.”

Lee continues: “Industrial applications often deal with tight security requirements, varying protocol support and strict standards compliance – three of the areas addressed by the Magnum 10RX.” Through its combination of routing capabilities with firewall protection and secure VPNs, the Magnum 10RX provides wide area network (WAN) connectivity and security functions needed for highly reliable communication between mission-critical network devices. It also helps address demanding environmental requirements, such as in substation applications, by complying with industry specific standards, like IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613.

Uptime and reliability are other critical measures for these sectors, whether in a transportation system or smart grid deployment. In industries where system reliability and data integrity are paramount – an unexpected system shutdown is not an option.

One way the Magnum 10RX helps meet the reliability needs of industrial networks is through the optional dual hot-swappable power supply feature. Lee says:“Typically, power supplies are one of the weakest links affecting the reliability of a system. With the Magnum 10RX, a failed power supply doesn’t force a system to shut down. Not only can the system continue to operate on a secondary power unit, the primary power supply can be replaced while the system is running.”

Some of the Magnum 10RX features include:

  • Protocol routing for legacy networks
  • as well as current IP routing technologies
  • Cyber security capabilities, including built-in firewall protection and virtual private network (VPN) security
  • Support for other networking applications, including general Ethernet switching and serial terminal connectivity for non-Ethernet installations

For more information on the Magnum 10RX router and security appliance, click here.

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