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Installing mechanical key interlocks is often one of the last tasks before commissioning and handover of a project. Occasionally, interlocks can impede this process by preventing the valve settings needed to create the process conditions (hydro-testing) for commissioning of piping systems.

One solution is to defer fitting the interlocks until all mechanical commissioning tasks are concluded. This is not ideal as there may be a number of different contractors involved in the final commissioning programme. Commissioning of interlock systems should if possible be done and completed by one responsible party – particularly when it comes to management of the operating keys.

Smith Flow Control’s ComKey is a simple, effective solution to this problem. It defers the need to fit the interlocks until all mechanical commissioning tasks are accomplished, saving time and simplifying operational logistics.

SFC Interlocks are usually supplied with one key trapped and one key free as standard. However, in situations where any of the above issues are relevant, they can be supplied with a factory-fitted ComKey that allows random operation of the installed interlock irrespective of the coded logic of the interlock system.

The ComKey is a ‘one-time-only’ product – once the key is removed after all testing/commissioning tasks are completed, it cannot be re-used. The installed interlock will only then accept its dedicated coded key for normal operations.

Commissioning is complicated enough without having to worry about interlocks – ComKey simplifies the process. Go to for further details.

01 September 2014

Smith Flow Control Ltdvisit website
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