Concrete repair that saves labour costs and downtime

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Concrete repair that saves labour costs and downtimeThe benefits of LOCTITE 7257 Magna-Crete from Henkel can be measured in both superior performance and cost savings. Not only does it create a far more durable, long-lasting concrete repair, it also cures in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods. Indeed, it is possible to walk on Magna-Crete after just 45 minutes, so disruption to productivity is significantly minimised.

Magna-Crete mixes like concrete and is quick and easy to apply with a trowel. It is a two-component, quartz-filled epoxy that is suitable for floors in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and also for the repair of other concrete structures such as ramps, support beams, bridge decking and base plates. It can also be applied over existing rebar and screen mesh reinforcement, even if it is rusted.

The product has very high compression strength. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, impact and most common industrial liquids and chemicals, excluding acids. Magna-Crete will not shrink or crack, and provides superior bonding to concrete and other surfaces, including wood, glass, steel and other various construction materials.

Magna-Crete can be mixed and applied from -25degC to +45degC. It has a service temperature of -26degC to +1090degC and remains both freeze, thaw and de-icing salt resistant when cured. Set times can be adjusted from 10 to 90 minutes depending on ambient temperature, mixing ratio and the chosen additive for winter or summer application.

This rapid functional cure of the Magna-Crete makes it particularly useful for applications where downtime costs money. Whereas a traditional concrete repair could take an area or system out of service for days, Magna-Crete restores it to full use in a matter of hours. It is therefore particularly beneficial in the repair of water channels, waste water settlement tanks, crane and track rails and base plates for chemical tanks and machinery.

LOCTITE 7257 Magna-Crete is available in 5.54kg and 25.7kg tubs. Please go to for further details.

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