ESX-TC3G simplifies data collection from off-highway vehicles

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ESX-TC3G simplifies data collection from off-highway vehiclesSensor-Technik UK is introducing the ESX-TC3G module that combines the power of a PC with the multiple communications options that are commonplace on today's off-highway and mobile machinery. The ESX-TC3G is designed to operate reliably in some of the toughest operating environments encountered.

In the modern world, where cost is an ever more significant consideration, constant access to important operational data is vital. Modern machines, their operators and end-users rely on thorough analysis of operating data to achieve optimal system performance and to minimise service and down-time costs in order to be competitive. Retrieving that data is often a costly endeavour - and sometimes not even possible.

The new STW ESX-TC3G is capable of collecting machine data from either of its two CAN channels (2.0B), RS232, Ethernet or USB. With its powerful real-time Linux-based processor, the ESX-TC3G is easily capable of processing the large volume of machine-generated data into usable engineering units, which can either be stored on the module's 1GB NAND Flash storage or transmitted wirelessly using a WLAN, Bluetooth or either 3G or 2G cellular connection (region dependent).

Positional data

Similarly, the ESX-TC3G has a high-resolution GPS modem that is capable of providing very accurate position and velocity information using either GPS or GLONASS technology. Coupled to this, the built-in accelerometer can be used to detect abnormal movements or even theft of a vehicle by way of its auto wake-up function. All of these features are built in to a robust, automotive-standard, IP69K housing weighing just 0.3kg.

Sensor-Technik UK has many years' experience, having been involved in the design, development and build of complex off-highway machinery and mobile vehicles, and has seen first-hand the business case for remote monitoring systems. Not only do such systems reduce OEM and end-user service costs by enabling pre-emptive action to be taken, they also enable service technicians to effectively analyse a machine's status and prepare the necessary corrective response before they have even left their base. Equally, a powerful telematics system is capable of offering additional commercial value to an OEM's offering through accurate asset monitoring, usage analysis and warranty diagnostics.

Sensor-Technik UK offers complete telematics systems, from on-asset hardware in the form of the ESX-TC3G, through to the software necessary for the device to extract the data from the asset and, finally, the back-end, web-based interface that enables detailed data representation and analysis. Sensor-Technik UK would be pleased to discuss the telematics systems and the benefits that can be gained by all stakeholders.

Sensor-Technik UK is the UK and Ireland distributor for Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW). A member of the Wiedemann Group of companies, it was set up in 2001 as a distributor and system integrator of the STW product range. Sensor-Technik UK complements its extremely capable range of hardware with innovative engineering services. From software to cable looms, Sensor-Technik UK is a one-stop-shop for control, measurement and integration. For more information, go to

11 December 2014

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbHvisit website
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