High-density LXI switching matrix modules from Pickering

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI switching matrices with the introduction of new high-density matrix modules. High-Density LXI Switching Matrix (60-553) is a 1024×4 dual bus 1-pole matrix in a compact 1U full rack width enclosure. The product has been designed specifically to support high relay closure counts to optimise its use with a digital multimeter (DMM) or source meter for checking for insulation problems between a single contact and all other contacts in the unit under test (UUT), requiring the closure of up to 1024 crosspoint relays.

The 60-553 LXI switching matrix is designed with a dual bus arrangement that allows the matrix to be divided into two smaller independent matrices, for example, two matrices of 512×4. The dual bus design features isolation relays; this also allows sub-matrices to be isolated from the main matrix when there are no closures on that sub-matrix, minimising capacitive loading and maximising bandwidth of the matrix. They can also be linked together to form larger matrices by cables and can be supplied as partially populated matrices from 256×4 in increments of 128×4.

User connections are provided on a 160-way DIN41612 connector that is fully supported by Pickering Interfaces’ range of connector accessories. Control is via an Ethernet connection that is fully compliant to Version 1.4 of the LXI standard.

Also available on the 60-553 LXI matrix is Pickering’s diagnostic test tool BIRST (Built-in Relay Self-Test). BIRST provides a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within the matrices.

Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support. Visit Pickering’s website at for pricing and availability of the High-Density LXI Switching Matrix (60-553) .

25 January 2015

Pickering Interfaces Ltdvisit website
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