Inductive sensors have same sensing distance for all metals

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Inductive sensors have same sensing distance for all metalsThe new Baumer Factor 1 inductive sensors have the advantage of maintaining the same sensing distance for all metals, unlike standard sensors where this value changes, depending on the material.

There are obvious benefits: this uniform distance increases flexibility in system construction and sensor installation. In particular, distances between sensor and object in devices with Factor 1 sensors are generally larger than with conventional sensors, especially for aluminium. This, in turn, simplifies adjustment and minimises the risk of damage. Factor 1 inductive sensors are therefore well suited to applications with variable objects. The Baumer Group offers these inductive sensors in four cylindrical sizes: 6, 8, 12 and 18mm.

High-speed switching

However, the benefits of Baumer sensors go even further, because they have other strengths in addition to the constant sensing distance. These sensors are described by the company as the fastest in their class in relation to sensing distance. Their exceptional sensing latitude is also of fundamental importance. They guarantee excellent measurement results, even when lateral movement of the object changes its distance from the sensor. In addition, high EMC immunity and the small number of components ensure stable processes and reliability. Another plus is resistance to high temperatures. These benefits reflect the range of possible applications for Baumer Factor 1 sensors.

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