Integrated Basic Guide for pneumatic rodless linear actuators

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Integrated Basic Guide for pneumatic rodless linear actuatorsParker Hannifin is introducing a new integrated Basic Guide for rodless linear actuators. Suitable for deployment in applications that demand high load values, the guiding profile of the Basic Guide is integrated directly into the cylinder profile. From a customer point of view it means that it can be specified in projects where space is at a premium and excellent performance is a must. What’s more Parker engineers have ‘designed in’ long service life to deliver maximum uptime. Through the dispensing of the additional guiding profile not only is the installation space minimised, but also the weight of the overall actuator is reduced significantly.

With the ORIGA Basic Guide being integrated directly into the cylinder profile tube, the gap is closed between the standard version of the ORIGA OSP-P rodless linear actuators and their combination with the external Slideline plain bearing guide.

Using the Basic Guide, 5mm T-slot magnetic switches can be fitted directly to the profile tube, without projecting edges. The guide carriage of the Basic Guide is fitted precisely to the cylinder profile by means of four slide profiles. The guide play is adjustable and can be readjusted at any time, even in the event of one-sided uneven loading and wear, without the guide carriage being misaligned as a result. Therefore the guide carriage always remains in its horizontal position.

The Basic Guide uses slide units are both wear-resistant/, durability-tested and have already proved themselves in the Slideline. The service life is also prolonged due to the integrated wiper system and easy lubrication using the built in lubricating nipples.

As with all ORIGA cylinders, the Basic Guide has adjustable end position cushioning and magnetic pistons, plus end caps that can be rotated through 4 × 90 degrees. The usual options are also available for the Basic Guide, such as integrated 3-way valves for energy saving, single-side air connection, VITON seals, Niro version and a slow-running version for stick/slip free operation. A range of accessories, such as end cap mountings, mid-section supports and T-slot magnetic switches, rounds off the Basic Guide range.

The ORIGA Basic Guide is available as ATEX version and is certified in the EX range group of equipment II Category 2 GD. It comes in build sizes 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm with a maximum stroke length of 6,000mm. Please follow the link for further information about the ORIGA BasicGuide.

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