Rittal EC fan-and-filter units with speed control

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Rittal EC fan-and-filter units with speed controlRittal is promoting its EC fan-and-filter units with speed control. Rittal fan-and-filter units with EC (electronically commutated) motors should be the preferred choice for energy efficiency in enclosure climate control, as their operating ratio is significantly higher than standard AC fan-and-filter units.

Using fan-and-filter units always makes sense if the difference between the outdoor temperature and the internal enclosure temperature is large enough to dissipate the thermal output of the installed components. However, the fans mostly operate without regulation. In other words, they run constantly and always at full speed. In this situation, the savings potential offered by seasonal temperature fluctuations or temperature reductions in the building (e.g. on night shifts or through reduced waste heat in the enclosure) remains unused.

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