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Best of robolink from igusIgus is promoting robolink, a range of state-of the-art articulated modules that can be used in a wide range of robotic applications, from the packaging industry to animatronic operations and even explosive equipment handling. When equipped with a direct drive situated within the joint, robolink modules can be combined to create lightweight and cost-effective articulated arms with one to as many as six Degrees of Freedom.

The pneumatic, hydraulic and all data cables are laid through the carbon fibre/plastic articulated arms to control the sensors and sensory components, achieving an attractive, simple, lightweight design. As the moving mass is reduced to a minimum, the self-lubricating tribopolymer joints can rotate and pivot freely, and are virtually maintenance free and corrosion resistant.

To watch a short video clip displaying some of the applications of robolink, click here:

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