Henkel introduces low-maintenance jet valve adhesive dispensing

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Henkel introduces low-maintenance jet valve adhesive dispensingNew to the Henkel armoury is the LOCTITE Jet Valve system for high-speed, bubble-free jet dispensing of adhesives. This is a proven method of applying small, accurate beads or drops of adhesive at high speed in automated production, but typically Henkel has added features that make its version stand out from the crowd.

Two of the most important benefits of this Henkel system are its reliability and easy serviceability. The LOCTITE Jet Valve dispenser contains fewer wearing parts than its competitors. It has no fluid seals to be cleaned or replaced, for example, so maintenance is simple and quick. Even the valve is field-repairable so there is no need for the system to be taken out of production and returned to the manufacturer.

Many of the internal components are also made from highly durable materials such tungsten carbide or ceramics, contributing to the long service life of this product.

Thanks to the very small mass of the diaphragm that is a feature of the LOCTITE Jet Valve, the system is capable of very fast cycle rates. It applies up to 300 drops per second and those drops can be as small as 0.3mm in diameter. The diaphragm itself is made from an elastomer that provides chemical compatibility for a wide range of applications.

As this is a non-contact technology there is no risk of substrate damage in applications such as surface mount electronic assemblies or sensitive medical devices. The system is also able to deliver its uniform pattern of discrete beads regardless of the surface features or shape of the work piece.

Typically the LOCTITE Jet Valve system will be used for dispensing light-cured adhesives in electronic and medical device manufacture, but it can also dispense other single-part adhesives or even other liquids. It has an integral heater to raise the temperature of the adhesive up to a maximum of 75degC to achieve optimum viscosity and therefore the required dispense characteristics. The overall compactness of the system’s design means that minimal space is required to integrate into a production line. Three different nozzle sizes may be specified for the LOCTITE Jet Valve.

The success of any bonding or sealing application does not solely depend on the performance quality adhesive products. The chosen method of dispensing is critical to the outcome and this is why Henkel is not just a world leader in adhesive technology but also a developer of dispensing systems too. This way, Henkel ensures all technical considerations are taken into account, providing customers with an expert, single source of supply.

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