Step-by-step concrete repair with Loctite Magna-Crete

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Step-by-step concrete repair with Loctite Magna-CreteConcrete repair products from Henkel are designed to rebuild, repair and protect concrete structures and floors from mechanical damage and chemical attack. Indeed, LOCTITE 7257 Magna-Crete not only creates a durable and long-lasting concrete repair, it also cures in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods. It is possible to walk on Magna-Crete after just 45 minutes, significantly reducing disruption for repair.

Typical applications include external steps, ramps and loading areas, support beam and footer repairs, bridge decking and supports, concrete bunds and walls, floor and tank protection; the list is almost endless.

To use:

Clean and prepare the area for repair. Ensure all loose debris and contaminants are removed. Larger areas may need grit blasting, followed by clearing the surface with the use of compressed air. If needed, prepare temporary shuttering. This is useful where large areas have to be replaced or a formed finish is required.

Prepare the product for application according to pack instructions and the size of the repair. LOCTITE 7257 Magna-Crete is a two-component, quartz-filled epoxy and is available in 5.54kg and 25.7kg tubs.

Depending on the time of year, include the correct winter or summer additive; Magna-Crete can be mixed and applied from -25degC to +45degC. Apply the product using a trowel. It is quick and easy and can be applied over existing rebar and screen mesh reinforcement, even if it is rusted. The recommended layer thickness is 64mm.

Level the area with a spirit level or similar to ensure an even surface. Remove shuttering once surface is dry – 15–22 minutes.

Once cured, the repair can be re-opened. This easy-to-use product is particularly beneficial for applications where downtime costs money. Traditional concrete repairs can make an area unusable for days, whereas Magna-Crete restores it to full use in a matter of hours. Areas for foot traffic can be reopened after just 45 minutes, thus significantly minimising disruption and possible down-time.

This concrete repair product can be applied to damp surfaces, does not shrink or crack, and is freeze, thaw and de-icing salt resistant once cured. It has a service temperature of -26degC to +1090degC. Finally, Magna-Crete can be coloured with standard cement colouring powder to match existing surfaces.

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