SiC Schottky diodes suit down-hole use in oil and gas industries

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Astute Electronics is continuing its support for Semtech’s high-reliability discrete products with the introduction of the HR512031BA23C down-hole tailored SiC Schottky diode for the oil and gas industries.

The device surpasses 16 of 18 temperature ranges listed in the top three standards and has a junction temperature between -55 and -220degC. As well as the high temperature capability, features include low switching losses, small package outline and very low reverse recovery time.

Mike Blee, Marketing Manager at Astute Electronics, says: “The HR512031BA23C has vibration tough terminations suitable for down-hole applications. This part leverages Semtech’s 50-year expertise of producing non-cavity, hermetically sealed, double plug constructed products already used in space, defence and industrial applications. It combines lightning fast switching speeds at higher voltages and currents, resulting in greater power and signal integrity.”

Maximum DC forward current (IF) is 10A, DC blocking voltage (VR) is 1.2kV, reverse current (IR) is 30uA typical at +25degC and 60uA at +175degC, forward voltage (VF) is less than 1.5V typical at an IF of 10A and +25degC and 2.5V at +175degC, and reverse recovery time (Trr) is less than 15ns.

Also available in Semtech’s range are diodes, TVS diodes, Zener diodes, diode arrays in the form of modules, and ISOPAC products. For further details about these and the HR512031BA23C down-hole tailored SiC Schottky diode go to

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