Intelligent RFID transponders monitor and transmit sensor data

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Intelligent RFID transponders monitor and transmit sensor dataHarting is enhancing its RFID Embedded Transponder (ETB) with extended functions including the ability to monitor and transmit sensor data. As a result, it is now possible for an object or component that is equipped with an RFID transponder to determine and wirelessly transfer not only its own ID, but also its current status with the help of connected sensors. This supports the Internet of Things (IoT) principle in which passive devices can communicate with one another.

The integrated UHF (ultra high frequency) technology embedded in the transponder performs, in effect, as a direct control system and allows mobile parts that do not have their own constant energy supply to be monitored comprehensively.

This passive mode of operation, in which the system on the transponder side functions without an energy source, is a major advantage of UHF-based control systems. The system obtains its energy from the RFID reader device and powers the RFID transponder via the transmitted radiation – which in Europe lies in the frequency band 865-867MHz. Communication between reader and transponder also takes place via these radio waves. The transponder can address external sensors and transmit data to the reading device over a range of up to 3m.

The Ha-VIS RFID ETB 86v1 transponder is equipped with up to four digital inputs that can be securely read and evaluated with the help of an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compatible RFID reader.

Data sheets for the RFID Embedded Transponder (ETB) can be found by following the links:

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