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New touch sensors from ifm electronicNew KT touch sensors from ifm electronic are available with a latching function. The KT sensors have proved popular with users due to the lightest touch needed to operate them; no effort is required, so repetitive operations in particular are easy on the joints.

Already available in static and dynamic versions, the latching KT switches the output on by touching briefly and off again by another light touch. All are supplied in a standard M22 housing, in either plastic or stainless steel.

Another popular feature of all KT sensors is their resistance to contamination; unlike a mechanical pushbutton, the fully sealed sensing surface cannot be clogged up with unwanted matter (dust or crumbs) and is waterproof to IP69K. Further, the user can customise the symbol, and versions are provided that allow the user to switch the green ‘ready’ LED on externally. A red LED indicated that the output is switched.

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