Newly extended Moduflex Valve System from Parker

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Newly extended Moduflex Valve System from ParkerParker is offering its newly extended Moduflex Valve System, a range of valves designed to conform to any application requirements. Available configured from basic components or as a pre-assembled and tested valve island, no other system can be adapted so simply once specified. With its captive fitting release system, quick-release electrical connectors and single mechanical screw connection between manifolds, last-minute system design changes are easily implemented.

Such adaptive technology means the Moduflex Valve System is capable of meeting the changing requirements of the whole automation spectrum. Readily multi-functional, the Moduflex Valve System can be employed in a variety of ways; stand-alone valves, fieldbus-ready valve islands, cylinder flow controls and vacuum generators with integrated blow-off. Available as discrete components or as a pre-assembled and tested valve island, Moduflex Valve System can be so simply adapted once specified.

The ability to combine different sizes and flow rates on to the same valve bank is a key feature, with three sizes capable of operating at three different flow ranges (275, 510 or 1340Ni/mn), which can all be combined on to just one valve bank. Each valve on the bank can be precisely adapted to the actuator size enabling the system to be utilised in any application, offering excellent flexibility.

As part of their commitment to meet the changing needs of its customer base, Parker have now introduced a new IP40 clip connector. The IP40 connector offers a significant space saving in comparison with a lockable connection, a dimensional saving of 20 per cent (13mm) and saving of more than 90 per cent reduction in the electrical connection weight. These connectors are especially beneficial when utilised in cabinets or other non-aggressive environments as the new IP40 connection provides protection against unwanted water and dust, optimising electrical connections.

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